Morgan State University Roommate Finder

Welcome to the Morgan State University Roommate Finder. Roommate Finder is a great way to find a great new roommate or replace an existing roommate by matching your profile with theirs. Roommate finder helps match you and your potential new roommate by gender, studies, cleanliness, enegy level, wake & sleep times, smoking, diet and other profiles & preferences.

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What is Roommate Finder?

Roommate Finder is a complimentary service designed for students to find suitable roommates based on a 'matching system' of posted profiles of potential roommates. By scoring the profile matches based on a percentage, roommates may more easily sort profiles based on which search results best match your profile.

How to Use Roommate Finder?

  • After agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, you will have three steps in which to select a roommate profile. After selecting your preferences, click the "Search" button to see the results. You may have to "modify" your selection to increase or change your results depending on how many roommate profiles are in the database at the time you are looking.